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Unique Brand is having something awesome in your hands- but it’s not quite enough to be an industry leader. It goes deeper than that. Which is why I am here to tell you the best tricks and sticks to stand out from the crowd, how to give people the unexpected (and why they will love you for it).


First thing I want to say is that you’re going to want to have your brand strategy together for this. Otherwise it’s almost like… you were baking a cake but ended up using salt instead of sugar because who can tell the difference!? THEY LOOK THE SAME. But you can taste it. And your cake tastes a little salty. It’s important to keep that in mind. I just know way too many brands that want to be the industry leader but their strategy is full of holes and they fail. Dun, dun, duuuun.


1. Unique brand = Knowing who you are and who you are not

When it comes to being a unique brand, you need to know who you are but more importantly – you need to know who you are not. We often are told to know who we are but not who we are not. What an effing tongue twister. WORD VOMIT. So yes, figure out who you are and then make a list that tells you who you are not. What do you not want to be known for? Who is not your target audience? What are values you despise and will stay away from? It gives you a crystal clear clarity about you and your business. And all the unique brands/industry leaders know who they are not. And they’re not afraid to tell you that you ain’t it for them.


2. Use the right language

This sounds sooo simple right? Well, it’s not. To a lot of people. People tend to coarse (persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.) and this is NOT what an authentic leader, unique brand does. It’s far from it. FOMO falls into this category as well. Coercing is basically a person trying to get clients to do something for them. Where you should be thinking (and using a language) that helps you to do something for your people. A coercer might use language like “how do we get people to buy?” where as an authentic leader uses language like “How do we encourage people to sing up?” “How do we make it safe for people to sign up?” See the difference? I thought so.


3. Unique brands have strong brand stances

Here’s the thing, when Millennials and Gen Z make purchases these days, it’s almost like a brand stance for them. “This business values being sustainable, so do I!” so when they purchase, it makes them feel better because they supported a business that has the same values as them. All this is to say that you need to figure out your values, mission and vision. And stand by those. You don’t even need to think about what your audience values at this point because it doesn’t matter. Those people who end up valuing the same things that you do as a brand, will find you. And when they purchase from you, they will feel empowered because their decision was backed up with their values.



It really is that simple. And as you can see, it all comes back to your brand strategy. A WINK A WINK. If you truly want to be an industry leader and a unique brand, you can’t be cutting corners with your strategy. It needs to be bullet proof so that people can stand behind it and rally about it.

If you struggle with this aspect of your business, definitely holla at me because I can help you tremendously when it comes to building you a strong unique brand. That’s what I do. But if you want to learn more about what I do, here is you a link to my post, 10 reasons why you should work with me. 

Think of me as your brand therapist, minus the couch and awkward silences. I help you get crystal clear on your message, attract your dream clients, and build a brand that feels like a perfect fit (and makes your competition sweat a little). 

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