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but is also relatable af. 

We (I mean, you) plant 100 trees for every new project. because why not?


Yes, you can become the no-brainer brand choice in your niche.

Imagine that happy sensation you get when people come knocking at your door, demanding to know more about you and your services. Like those old door to door sales-people, but this time, they come because they’re ready to buy. You got the hay and they got the cows. It’s time to put down all the mass marketed “how to” guides and scripts (believe me, been there and done that) and focus on crafting you a brand that starts and ends with your customers.

teach me your ways

I can help because I've been there

You deserve to have a sustainable brand that turns heads, brand strategy that makes you the no-brainer choice, and a brand identity that pops. 

You can trust us with your brand

Let's be real here. The single most important thing your business has, is it's purpose. And personality. But the super close third is the target audience and clients. You wouldn't be here without them. So, unlike all the other branding studios out there, we take a deep dive into your people and what they're looking for. We build a whole strategy around them. It's the focus point. 

1. brand strategy focused on your audience

What do people remember you of? Right after your dashing personality, ofc. They remember your logo, your colors,  your typography, your patterns, all the visual stuff. Why not make the visual stuff speak for itself, huh? If you look at my brand, you can see all the visual points I have an how they speak for themselves.

2. brand desing that speaks for itself

Once it's all said and done, you will feel so confident it's crazy. Imagine being excited to wake up in the morning and getting to work? And seeing people spending more time engaging with you because your strategy is relatable af? People finding you super aesthetic and just lovin' everything you put out there? Yeah, imagine that. 

3. enjoying the results

That weird Aunt that you have and always admired? That’s me. I am that Aunt, Jasmine. Need organic bug spray that doesn’t work? I got it. When you realize you want a brand identity that has character and makes people go - insert Owen Wilson - “wow.” I’m the first person you should get in touch with.

My goal is to help you with brand strategy that pulls people in (and makes them feel good), brand design that speaks for itself, and making sure your brand identity/character is something that people can’t stay away from. We will make your future clients say “Take my money!” without shady marketing or cookie-cutter brand design.

behind moose anchors brand identity

People call me Jasmine.

"I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet."

The whole process helped me zero in on more of Who I Am, what I stand for, and what this business and brand is all about. The brand principles she shared were SO eye opening — there were some things I'd never thought of; things I'd never even heard of (even in my time in the branding industry!).


"jasmine listens deeply, you'll feel supported through the entire process, you'll feel like she (genuinely) loves you and your brand immediately."


The branding and messaging work she did for me over her VIP week ended up being the perfect reflection of my business in all the ways that I didn't know how to express myself. Jasmine was an absolute angel to work with and she captivated my brand and brand personality better than I could have hoped. I am beyond thankful for the clarity and confidence that Jasmine's VIP week has brought to my business, I cannot recommend her services more highly! THIS is the exact thing you need to take your business to the next level!

"Working with Jasmine has been TRANSFORMATIONAL for my business!"


This branding process truly allowed me to decide how f*cking amazing I was and how I wanted to lead in my industry as a Sales + Self trust coach. Jasmine is amazing, patient, and really gives a damn. She wants to know your vision and she is ready to be with you every step of way. Every time someone sees my brand, they only have compliments (truly only "ooooos" and "ahhhhh"). The best part of this experience is that I feel like no one else has my branding because we really added touches that brought out who I was. So what I am really saying is 10/10 recommend. 

"I never felt rushed, I never felt like I wasn't being heard, and I never ever felt like my vision wasn't top of mind."

I loved working with Jasmine! She created the most amazing branding aligned with my personality and my vision for my business. The way she "translated" my idea and captured the vibe and energy of my business is incredible! I'm super proud of my website and it feels truly aligned with my work and my branding personality. Deep, elegant and with a touch of mystery. You're a genius superstar!


"Jasmine really helped me bring my vision to life and also help me understand myself as a brand"

Word on the mountains

Desire to make an impact with your clients? It all starts with delight & I’m here to tell you exactly why and how to delight your customers.

Sales funnels are unethical & I’m here to tell you why. I’m also here to tell you a much better, more sustainable way to acquire clients.

Pillow with an unexpected message on it "life is full of surprises"

The unexpected can help your business to gain long term customers & get people curious about your business. Why is this? You’re about to find out.

From our notebook

Why choose Moose Anchors?

I know, right? People can be so scary these modern days when everyone and their mothers seem to be introverts. Plot twist, so am I. But that doesn't mean your business should be introvert. Which is why Moose Anchors ain't. We're here to help people. We're here to help you. You want to be in front of your people and we're here to make sure you will be. 

1. We're here for people

We thrive when we live up to our purpose. We want to help the planet to heal itself, which it is cabable to do if humans were just a weeeeeeeee bit more kinder to it. We value light-heartedness, making an impact, and the unexpected. And we solely work with people who aling with these values. We have just found that if you're purpose-driven, you're that much more harder to resist. 

2. We're purpose-driven

Again, we love planet Earth and want to be kind to her. Which is why we do our best to be sustainable and ethical. Not to mention ethical marketing. We don't support sleezy FOMO marketing tactics. Or any other tactic that is here to guilt people into taking action. Yuk. No thanks. We're here to make people (you and your audience) to feel good. 

3. we're ethical and sustainable

Why the environment?

The truth is, if we don't do something as a society to help the Earth heal itself, we're doomed. You can probably call us Mars #2. The Earth is a beautiful and a precious place and we'd like to keep it that way. Everything we know and love is here. Why are we taking the planet we live in, for granted? Seizes to amaze me. But slowly, humans have destroyed the soil, the air and well, everything this plane is providing us. We'd like that to stop before it's way too late and we're all out there in the space looking for another planet to call home.

Because we care

Global warming is a real deal. This is an issue we have been facing for the longest time and will face for the longest time. There are things you can do to help, like reduce the amount of plastic you use, eat less meat, stop engaging and buying fast fashion, etc. I'm not one of those activists that tell you to change your whole life around. Doing just one or couple of things WILL help. I know it sounds skeptical. "If I eat meat only couple of times a week, how does that even affect anything?" well it does. If literally everyone would do couple small things, we'd be in much better shape. 

Global warming is a real deal

You love the forest and the peace it gives you, right? Well, so do we. We'd like to keep it that way. Deforestation is a real issue. We're cutting massive amounts of trees down to make more room for live stock. Global warming is causing extreme heats, which are burning down forests left and right. The farming habits we have right now are ruining the soil, causing desertification (turns soil into sand), which makes it impossible to grow trees on. We're doing all the wrong things. Where in reality, trees, plants, and the soil could be the solution to global warming. Which is why we're passionate to plant trees here at Moose Anchors.

Trees are life

Any brand has the capacity to light up a room. Some when they enter, others when they leave it. It's about time for you to light up the room, don't you think?

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