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Brand strategy services for cringy millennials


Your brand will pop harder than bubble wrap at a stress relief seminar

howdy, howdy! come on in! we don't bite (much)!

You’re done. You're done being the background extra. You want to attract dream clients like you’re the last iced coffee on a hot day, and watch your bank account say thank you (for once). Let's shake things up with a brand strategy that’s as unexpected as a plot twist in a reality TV show (90 Day Fiance, anyone? Hmh. :)) Forget the usual playbook, it's old and pages have been ripped off.  You should be the vibe everyone wants, relatable for your ideal client, and make your competition wonder what hit them. Throw out the old rule book, your brand’s about to become the wild card everyone's obsessing over.

Basic Brands Get Basic Results. Build Something That Slaps.


I'm not lost, I'm just exploring all the wrong directions.

Is your brand as exciting as a tax audit?

Yeah. Ouch.

Build a brand that makes people say, "OMG, this is what I've been searching for!"

Okay, I'm gonna be blunt AF. :) Those played out, cookie cutter brands? They're the worst. So boring they make watching paint dry look like a wild night out. You need a brand with so much personality, it makes your ideal clients stop scrolling and start lowkey stalking you. Your brand gotta feel like YOU, just turned up way louder. Think level 11. Insane. I know. The goal is to make those dream clients obsessed, like you're Taylor Swift. We're talking bold, unforgettable, the kinda brand everyone secretly wants to copy and be. That's the kind of brand vibe we're going for, ladybug, one that gets people talking and turns you into THE go to in your niche.

we're like your grandma,
                                  but cooler

Your dream clients are out there, BUT YOUR BRAND IS GIVING THEM THE WRONG VIBE, like a one star mcdonalds

I'm on a mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs set their stuffy brands on fire (figuratively, of course…unless?). Because those generic, cookie cutter vibes? They're the ultimate business killer (and vibes, RIP vibes). You deserve a brand that feels like a confetti explosion, the kind that gets you totally hyped and makes those dream clients go, "Wait, who IS this awesome weirdo?"  Ditch the boring and infuse your brand with your unique brand of crazy (the good kind!). Think strategy sprinkled with glitter and a brand so unforgettable it'll make your competition cry tears of envy.

Ready to turn your brand into a pure vibe and become the most talked about business in your niche?

Oh hi! I'm Jasmine!
I'm not a toilet but I'll take your crap.

MEET              JASMINE

Delulu brand strategy services &

iced coffee recommendations (who am I kidding? It's always going to be brown sugar shaken espresso, with extra sweet cold foam)

Watching those dream clients flock to other brands instead? F*ck that. Let's craft a brand that makes YOU the main attraction.

/brænd/ /ˌREP.JƏˈTEꞮ.ƩƏN/

Brand strategy services

(jasmine's version)

I get it. I feel you. You pour your heart and soul into your business, you're busting your butt, delivering seriously amazing stuff, changing lives like a boss… and yet those dream clients still waltz right past you for some flashy brand that's all talk. How dare they. It's frustrating, disheartening, and frankly, it's complete and utter BS. You deserve a brand that screams how awesome you are, a strategy that makes people drop everything and start hitting their credit card numbers on those little boxes of yours. Let's ditch the vanilla, just put it down, let's create a brand so damn irresistible that it attracts the right people, builds unshakeable loyalty, and unlocks the kind of brand growth that feels damn good.

I once arm-wrestled a bear

The whole process helped me zero in on more of Who I Am, what I stand for, and what this business and brand is all about. The brand principles she shared were SO eye opening — there were some things I'd never thought of; things I'd never even heard of (even in my time in the branding industry!).


Jasmine is SO wonderful

The work she did for me ended up being the perfect reflection of my business in all the ways that I didn't know how to express myself. Jasmine captivated my brand and brand personality better than I could have hoped. I am beyond thankful for the clarity and confidence that Jasmine's has brought to my business, I cannot recommend her services more highly! THIS is the exact thing you need to take your business to the next level!


Working with Jasmine has been transformational!

This branding process truly allowed me to decide how f*cking amazing I am. Jasmine is amazing, patient, and really gives a damn. She is ready to be with you every step of way. Every time someone sees my brand, they only have compliments (truly only "ooooos" and "ahhhhh"). The best part of this experience is that I feel like no one else has my branding because we really added touches that brought out who I was.


10/10 recommend

She created the most amazing branding aligned with my personality and my vision for my business. The way she "translated" my idea and captured the vibe and energy of my business is incredible! I feel truly aligned with my work and my branding personality. Deep, elegant and with a touch of mystery. You're a genius superstar!


I loved working with Jasmine!

A year from now, you'll wish you had started today.

Procrastinating on your dream brand? That's a bold strategy... let's see how it works out for you.


It's your turn to become legend-wait for it-dairy. Because we know you're a snack and we want everyone else to know it too.

the studio your mom warned you about

Ugh, watching lame-o competitors snatch up your dream clients while you blend into the background? No way, that's so not your style. You've got the talent, the drive, the whole damn package! Now it's time for your brand to catch up! You don't need just some basic brand. You need a brand that is as audacious and hilarious as you are. Think bold moves, a message that makes those perfect clients swoon, and a brand so damn irresistible they'd sell their grandma to work with you (not really, but you get the idea). The new vibe is to blow minds, fill your schedule, and work with those high-value clients who finally recognize your worth. Let's make your brand the hottest ticket in town!

"Your brand should be unique AF. Like your daily go to  brown sugar shaken espresso order. Let's ditch the basic, and design a magnetic brand strategy (with extra sweet cold foam on that.)"

I'm the hype woman you never knew you needed

Why choose us? 

You've put your blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears (of frustration) into your biz. Those played out, forgettable strategies are sucking the life out of you, and honestly, you're about to go full on rebel.

You crave a brand that screams YOU – bold, unforgettable, maybe even a lil' bit rebellious. The kind that makes you stand tall, gets those dream clients practically drooling to work with you, and fuels those big, crazy awesome goals. Let's make your brand impossible to ignore and way too much fun to resist.

Tired of Googling "how to brand my business" only to find the same old boring advice? Let's build a brand that turns heads and fills up your schedule.

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Ever feel like every brand strategist sounds the same? Spouting the same empty promises about "visibility" and "authenticity"? Yawn. If you're sick of being just another face in the crowd, ready for a brand that makes you stand out, leads to massive brand growth, and attracts your dream clients like a magnet, stick around. This ain't your mama's branding rodeo.


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Ready to ditch that "hoping someone will notice me" energy? Imagine a brand with major clout and a waitlist of dream clients hitting you up, ready to invest. That's the power of an iced coffee-fueled strategy and a reputation that speaks for itself.