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If you’re the type who needs to see everything laid out visually before your brain clicks, Milanote might just become your new obsession. Think of it like a super flexible digital whiteboard where you can brainstorm, plan, and basically get your whole creative life organized. I’ve been hooked on this tool for a while now, and it’s about time I spill all the deets in this Milanote review.

See, I’m all about those adaptable vibes. I need my tools to work with me, not make life harder. Milanote gets that and lets me channel all my messy creative energy into something actually productive. And hey, guess what? My clients are digging it too! We’re finally communicating on the same wavelength. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lifesaver if you’re a designer, writer, or basically anyone who works better with a visual approach, this tool is going to change your life.)

What is Milanote?

Milanote Board Screenshot of User Interface Board full of personalized pictures and boards

Milanote is your ultimate creative organization bestie. Think of it as that super flexible workspace where you can toss ideas around, plan your projects, and basically get your act together, whether you’re a solopreneur or roll with a whole team. What really hooked me was the ease of use. Forget complicated tech manuals, hard formulas…. it’s giving yuk.

Milanote’s interface is refreshingly easy to figure out. I also love how seamless client collaboration becomes. Sharing boards with clients and getting feedback is smoother than trying to explain my ideas over endless emails. Plus, the customizable nature of Milanote is amazing,  I can build a setup that fits my brain perfectly, using notes, images, and to-do lists however I want. It’s all about flexibility and making my organization system work for me.

In short, here’s why it caught my eye:

  • Easy to get started: No intimidating tech manuals here. Milanote’s interface is refreshingly easy to figure out.
  • Clients love it: Sharing boards and getting feedback is smoother than trying to explain my ideas over endless emails.
  • Organization that makes sense: It’s all about building your own perfect setup with notes, images, to-do lists – all drag-and-droppable and flexible.
  • Creative freedom. Unlike Notes, Milanote gives you the power to arrange everything exactly as you like. Drag, drop, resize… there are no rigid rules, just your ideas taking shape visually.
  • All-in-one vibes. I can ditch a bunch of other tools because Milanote has note-taking, mood boards, even basic task management, making everything more streamlined.

Let’s do a quick rundown of what makes Milanote your bestie (aka features, hi):

Flexible boards

The heart and soul of Milanote is their flexible boards. Think of these as giant blank canvases where all the magic happens. Whether you’re brainstorming a new project, outlining a content strategy, or planning your next big campaign, you can toss everything – notes, images, videos, links – onto your board and arrange them any way you like.

Visual brainstorming

Forget basic bullet points and set your visual thinking free with Milanote. This tool is built for making connections and sparking creativity. You can link ideas together with arrows, color-code your notes for easy organization, and use images to bring your thoughts to life. Perfect if you work best visually rather than with just plain text.

Easy team collaboration

Milanote is a dream for collaboration. You can invite your team members to your boards, leave comments on specific elements, and track edits in real-time. No more chaotic email threads or lost files – everything is centralized and easily accessible.

Inspiration boards

We all get those bursts of inspiration – that amazing design you stumbled upon online, the brilliant article that sparked a new idea. Milanote lets you capture all of that in dedicated inspiration boards. It’s like your visual scrapbook for everything that fuels your creativity.

Ready to use templates

Feeling a little stuck? Milanote has your back with a library of ready to use templates. Whether you’re planning a meeting agenda, designing a mood board, or outlining a new project, these templates are a great way to get started and avoid that blank page dread.

Smooth client sharing

Streamlined client communication for the win! Share boards with clients, collect feedback directly on specific elements, and manage project approvals without the frustrating back-and-forth of emails.

Bonus Features

  • Share Files Instantly: Keep all your project-related files in one place and share them with a click.
  • Save Ideas from the Web: Milanote’s Web Clipper extension lets you save online inspiration directly to your boards.
  • Embed Songs to Lists A surprisingly cool touch – add music to lists to inspire specific moods or projects. It’s giving slay.

Who is it for?

Creatives who think visually

Are you a designer, writer, artist, or anyone who thrives when ideas can be laid out in a visual way? Milanote is your playground. Imagine sketching out a website layout, creating a mood board for a new brand identity, or outlining a character arc for your next novel – all on a single, digital canvas. With its drag and drop functionality and endless customization options, Milanote lets you turn your ideas into visually stunning and organized masterpieces.

Teams needing streamlined collaboration

Constantly juggling projects, feedback, and updates with your team? Milanote can be a game changer. Forget the endless email threads and messy file versions. Milanote creates a central hub where everyone can brainstorm together, share ideas visually, and keep track of progress in real-time. You can invite team members to boards, assign tasks with checklists, and leave comments directly on specific elements. This fosters a more collaborative and transparent workflow, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Client-facing professionals

Freelancers, agencies, or any client-facing professional can appreciate the power of Milanote for streamlined communication and project management. Imagine ditching the messy back and forth emails and endless file revisions. With Milanote, you can create a shared workspace for your clients. Upload project assets, mood boards, and share feedback directly on boards. This keeps everything organized, transparent, and easily accessible to everyone involved, making the entire collaboration process smoother and more efficient.

What you need to know about Milanote?

Screenshot of Milanote user interface with hand drawn headphones | Milanote review | Moose Anchors

What I love about Milanote

Look, I wouldn’t be recommending Milanote if I wasn’t genuinely into it. There are so many things to love about this tool, but here are a few that truly stand out for my work:

First and foremost, I dig the adaptability. I have so many moving parts with different clients and collaborations, and I love that I can customize how they see things. New folders, workflows, and designated communication channels can be added quickly to fit each unique project. Keeping track of client work, deadlines, and incoming messages through Milanote is a lifesaver – I actually check it daily. Seeing the payoff in smooth client experiences definitely makes the investment worth it, at least for me.

Also, Milanote seems to actually ‘get‘ their audience. They’re super involved with their community, listening to feedback, and constantly adding new goodies. You can even ask for features and get in touch with support pretty easily. They seem committed to building a tool that really works for their users.

Even with Milanote’s range of features, I find it easy to focus on the ones I use most. They don’t clutter my workflow, which is a relief. Sometimes project management tools can feel overwhelming with their features, but Milanote strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and the options I need to get things done.

What could use a little improvement

The biggest point of feedback I have is about the major updates they’ve rolled out over the past couple of years. They’ve completely changed the look and feel of the backend, which did turn off some users who loved the original simplicity. Change is inevitable in tech, but it still feels like they’re finding their footing in some areas.

Let’s talk features for a second. Some of them could use a bit of streamlining. For example, Milanote offers project templates, which sounds fantastic in theory! However, currently, it’s sometimes easier to just duplicate an existing project as a workaround rather than using the official template feature. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do, but it would be cool to see smoother functionality for templating in the future.

Finally, one thing I do miss from a tool like Notion is the more robust use of functions. While Milanote lets you customize permissions extensively, it lacks the advanced linking of data between areas of your workspace that Notion excels at. This can occasionally lead to minor delays as you need to adjust settings manually rather than having them automatically flow together. Still, considering my workflow, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to Milanote’s other strengths.

Overall, these are fairly minor areas for improvement. I’m really interested to see what updates Milanote rolls out over the next year or so. It feels like a tool that’s still actively listening to its users and working to improve the experience.

Is Milanote worth it?

Okay, here’s the bottom line. Milanote is an accessible and surprisingly affordable tool for getting your creative projects organized. It hits a really nice sweet spot between simplicity and robust features, which is surprisingly hard to find. While it might not be the solution for everyone, it’s definitely what my business needed at this stage.

I’m the type of person who craves flexibility and visual organization, and that’s where Milanote really shines. Plus, they offer a free plan with access to almost every feature, so you can try it out and see if it’s a good fit. Honestly, if you’re constantly trying to manage client communication, organize inspiration, and keep projects on track, it’s definitely worth giving Milanote a test drive.

If you’re ready to ditch messy files and chaotic email threads, try Milanote!


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