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Get this fun fact: the moon isn't just a pretty face, it has moonquakes too! And yeah, they're pretty much just like earthquakes, but moon-ier. Who knows if they affect humans, maybe they make you crave some cheese or howl at the night sky. Anyways, thanks for entering and good luck! If you're the lucky winner and I choose to team up with you, you'll be the first to know.

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So, you want a brand that's more wholesome than a farmer's market on a Sunday morning and strategic enough to take on the big dogs? That's why I've got these questionnaires that'll make you feel like you're getting grilled by the FBI. And don't even worry about revisions, I've got you covered with unlimited rounds. I won't do anything without your say-so, unless you want me to take the reins and let the creative juices flow like Niagara Falls.

How can I trust you to get my vision right?

The investment depends on the workload of the projects. But for full transparency, it's definitely an investment. Oh, payment plans? We're not exactly a buy-now-pay-later kind of place, but we do consider each case individually. Can't have our wholesome branding strategy bankrupting you now, can we?

What's the investment and Are payment plans a thing here or is that just a no go?

Okay folks, buckle up! If you want to get serious about branding, you gotta shell out some cash for font licenses. Yeah, they're weird, but they're like the VIP pass to a sleek and professional image. And when it comes to websites, it's Showit subscription time baby! Don't forget to buy a domain too, unless you're content with being lost in the vast abyss of the internet.

What other costs do I need to consider before working with you?

Starting dates! What a thrill. Let's just say, it's not like a first date where you wait three days to call. You fill out the form and then we'll have a little chat about when we can start. And by little chat, I mean a phone call where I'll grill you on all your deepest darkest secrets... just kidding (or am I?). But here's the deal, I am a busy bee and I do book in advance. So, if you want me to work my magic on your project, keep that in mind! Don't worry though, I'm worth the wait. 

When can I start my dream project?

Nope. That's like going to a fancy restaurant and only ordering a side of plain rice. Sure, we could do that, but it's not going to satisfy your hunger for a full brand identity. We take our work seriously and want to make sure you're not just another bland grain of rice in a sea of competition. That's why we offer comprehensive branding services to make you stand out and be a bold, flavorful dish that people can't resist. Trust us, you'll be poppin' with confidence and your customers won't be able to resist taking a bite.

Do you offer just logo or website design?

Oh no, did I miss something? My bad, I was probably too busy daydreaming about my latest branding masterpiece. But fear not, dear client! You can always slide into my DMs on Instagram at @mooseanchorsstudio or send me a message here. I'll be sure to hit you back with a response quicker than you can say "wholesome branding strategy." Toodeloo!!

I didn't see the answer to my question?

You ask, we answer... and maybe throw in a few sarcastic remarks while we're at it.

you're the secret sauce, we're the recipe

If your brand is a yawn-fest, let's wake it up.


Get ready to be bonkers! We're talking cray-cray, loony tunes, and bat-sh*t clarity about who you are and what you stand for. You'll know your target audience like you know the lyrics to your favorite song, and you'll be able to speak to them in a language they understand (without sounding like a robot). 

Your brand will be so wholesome it'll make grandma proud, plus it'll be bold and funny (because let's face it, no one likes a boring brand). And forget about all those unethical hacks like FOMO, because you're too good for that. Pretty soon, you'll be the no-brainer choice for anyone looking for a badass, purpose-driven brand, and they won't even remember the competition's name.

Oh, who is this Jasmine? She's the one who questions her own existence every day. Well, let me tell you what little I know about her. She's a designer who loves nothing more than messy buns and cold coffee - how very quirky of her. Apparently, she has a special technique that makes her clients stand out from the competition - who knew it could be that easy? And if you're sick of unethical marketing that makes your clients feel terrible about themselves, Jasmine's your girl. She's scientifically proven to know better than that!

Who is Jasmine?

Jasmine is the undisputed authority on wholesome branding - because that's what everyone wants, right? She'll make you bold and unexpected, but still keep things totally wholesome. If you're looking for clarity about your brand's fundamentals and how to communicate them, she's got the craziest ideas for you. 

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