Oh, hey! My name is Jasmine but peeps call me jasu.

"I'm like the Tesla of the branding industry."

As a brand strategist, I like to see myself as the Tesla of the branding industry. Shiny, new, exciting and electric, good for the environment. I'm here to help you make an impact. But first, here is to getting know each other. Get in l0ser  because we're going shopping (I can say this because I'm a fellow l0ser).


I help your brand to find an idenitity of its own.

Wowza. I've never been good at talking about me but since you insist that I crack open that can of kombucha, I will do it for you. Let's get the basics out first. 

I'm also that friend who never replies to texts becuse I checked them and simply forgot. I aspire to live off the grid and grow my own vegetables, pretending that I'm a legit farmer with jean overalls and a cowboy hat. 

Everything I know about business I've learned from Leslie Knope and Michael Scott. 

I might be a brand designer during the day, but at 8pm it's just me, my husband, crossword puzzles, hot tea, dark chocolate, and his 3DS or Switch games. It's a very crowded bed. We like to have old shows as background noice, like Gilmore Girls, and I'm coming to terms with the fact that my attitude is much more like Lorelai's than Rory's.

Howdy! I'm Jasmine!

I'm a sassy hipster gone rogue who adores good pizza, music, books, hike in the nature, road trip, and yoga. i have zero intent on changing. ever. I also love salty licorise and I'm a hoe for coffee. I never learned how not to be sarastic.

"I always wanted to be an astronaut but you know, this will do.

Let's talk credits!

Oh the audacity. My humor is not enough?

Let me tell you a sob story. Ever since I was a kid, I loved art and drawing. That's it. That's the story. It's a sob story because here I am today, still doing it. No, let me tell you, I went to a school to become a customer service/marketing person. Graduated. I went to a school to become a game art designer. Switched to marketing in social media (about a year left in studies) and here I am. Still doing art. I love it but  I definitely put on some resistance there.


brands brandified.


coffee cups drank. 1M of those were cold.


trees planted.

behind moose anchors

"Moose Anchors!" Is what I yelled to my husband once when I was trying to describe the antlers of my stuffed moose. I love moose. I love anything with antlers. Big fan. But being an English second language person, sometimes you just forget words. I said this and it stayed with me for years. Literally. Until one day I just woke up and said "I'm going to start a business. What shall I name it?" And Moose Anchors just popped into my head like popcorn. And boom. Here we are.

Backstory of Moose Anchors and how it was born.

Here at Moose Anchros we live and breathe our values. Our three main values are being light-hearted. Making an impact and last but not least, the unexpected. It's important for us to be light-hearted in this OH SO serious world. We want to make an impact with the environment as well as with you. We also want to utilize and use the unexected. It's way too exciting when the unexpeted happens. You got a free bagel? YAY. 

Moose Anchors is a purpose-driven brand.

This is an important one for us. We know the situation with our planet earth and she needs some help. Which is why our vision is to make sustainable brands the no-brainer choice in their industries. We know that if we don't do this and people keep shopping brands/businesses that are not sustainable, we gon be hurtin' in the future.

Our vision is our EVERYTHING.

Our mission here at Moose Anchors is to be the brand strategy and design studio that offers to craft you a brand that has a character and an identity that will stand out - we’re here for sustainable brands who want to be the no-brainer choice in their nice and their customers eyes, so that you can help the environment and make that impact you want to make.

We're here to make you the star of your niche.

Ah, cool. But why do I need you again?

Your brand will be the most talked thing right after The Sex & The CIty Revival. You're Carrie of this story and people adore you. But that's not all, since we'll be building the strategy around your target audience, they will feel like they can relate to you on a whole new level. 

1. Being seen by more people. Especially your dream clients.

Imagine if you had more time to do other fun stuff with your business rather than trying to explain to people who you are and what you do. All because your brading does the talking for you. People are self-eliminating themselves and you don't have to spend so much time listening to people tell you no or ghosting you. 

2. Brand design that speaks for itself

Websites. Aaaahh, what a headache, right? Well, not for me. I'm here to make sure your website converts people with a kickass copy that speaks your brand's language and is relatable af. As you know, we all love to window shop and your website is the best place to do so in. Why would you not go all in on it? 

3. Having a website that converts

Libra sun and rising. Cancer Moon. Enneagram 9. INFP.

my signs

The Office, Superstore, Parks & Rec.

Taylor Swift, Of Monsters & Men, Odesza.

my jams

favorite shows

Autumn (gimme my psl!!!!).


Being in the nature. Love hiking.

Season of choice

Vanilla Latte with cinnamon & oat milk.

My go to coffee order

Confused (90% of the time).

current mood

Still haven't learned enough about me? FAIR ENOUGH.

Not only will you be the no-brainer choice for people, you will gain confidence and freedom.

it's all build in your brand strategy

Gone are the days where you feel like you're invisible and seeing your competition snatching all the clients right in front of you. Poof, gone. Welcome your new self. You are confident, powerful, an authority, and ready to kick some butts. You're not here to play around, you're here to make an impact and you're serious about it. You have a big vision for your business and brand. Playing small was never an option for you. Hence why you're making all the right moved in order to become the no-brainer choice in your niche. But the best thing you gain, is that freedom you're after. You're free because your brand is doing all the talking. And it's eliminating those people who you wouldn't want to work with anyway. You feel relief and you actually have time to do yoga and find an organic bug spray that actually works.

"You're going to get so much more out of this experience than just a beautiful, cohesive brand. The clarity and brand strategy that you develop along the way is PRICELESS! This is the exact thing you need to take your business to the next level."


"Jasmine helped me to integrate my values into my brand in a way that helps my ideal client understand what me and my business is all about!"

What do you say? Should we run away together?

If you're ready to make an impact and have a brand that has a bonkers brand identity - then we should probably set the date. Because this is going to be a wild ride.

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Helping ethical & sustainable brands to become the no-brainer choice in their niche

brand strategy and design

A business without a brand is like a latte without espresso. Boring.