This is still not a safe space for brands that want timeless design

"Yes, it's absolutely exhausting to have a wholesome brand that looks this good."

Do y’all remember the phase of my life when I had a timeless brand? I know that’s just crazy. I was a different girl back then. That’s a girl I don’t want to be again. When I stepped outside and catched fresh air, it hit me like lightning. I wanted a wholesome brand that makes people feel good. A bold brand that makes an impact in people's lives,  while being light-hearted and witty.

I help you to create a witty, bold brand that has others gasping

It's a true story too. Probably because I once over extended my stay for 4 years. Some might say I deserve it, others call me a legend. I like the latter group more.

I'm a sarcastic smartass who wants to prove everyone that yes, you can have a wholesome brand that is fun, witty, luxurious and bold. You can showup in your pyjamas that have an old ketchup stain on them, wearing an ugly messy bun with babyhairs pointing left and right. And still make a killing. The possibilites are endless for you.

Everything I know about business I've learned from Leslie Knope and Michael Scott. So, we're off to a good start here.

When I'm not working, I'm most likely screaming. Oh, did I say screaming? I meant to say streaming different shows from the past like Seinfeld, The Office, Gilmore Girls, or Golden Girls. Which Golden Girl am I? According to Buzzfeed's quiz I'm Rose Nylund, which tbh, not surprising. I told my husband she is my "spirit animal."

Sup, I'm Jasmine. I get the SSSS stamped on my boarding passes.

"I always wanted to be an astronaut but you know, this will do."

The counsil of branding has spoken

This is a life changing service, thank you

Let me tell you a sob story. Ever since I was a kid, I loved art and drawing. That's it. That's the story. It's a sob story because here I am today, still doing it. No, let me tell you, I went to a school to become a customer service/marketing person. Graduated. I went to a school to become a game art designer. Switched to marketing in social media (about a year left in studies) and here I am. Still doing art. Well, wholesome brand strategy and design to be exact, but you get the point.


brands brandified.


coffee cups drank. 1M of those were cold.


laughs had

what, how, why moose anchors

Before Moose Anchors did branding, we did graphics that were all about teaching people about random facts. We were hoping to be “found” like half of the waitstaff in LA (no shame). Then one day I took a sip of my extra shot of espresso latte and it sent me. It sent me to a world full of brand strategy and design. And here I am, teaching wholesome brand strategy and creating bold brands. Moose Anchors the name came from me being an English second language and accidentally describing my stuffed animal moose’s antlers as anchors to my husband. What can I say, I forgot the name for years but it always stuck with me because I knew it was special.

Sugar, spice, and everything surprise; That's what Moose Anchors is made of.

Being a wholesome purpose-driven brand starts at knowing what your values are. You need to know what you stand for and what you stand against in order to get people to relate to your brand. Here at Moose Anchors our main values are making an impact, being light-hearted, making people feel good, and embracing the unexpected. We want to help you be more light-hearted so that you can make people feel good, all while embracing the unexpected, which then leads to you making an impact in their lives.

We were born with a value spoon in our mouth. Get it?  Instead of silver.

Our vision is to make the entrepreneurial space more light-hearted and wholesome. We want to put an end to all the unethical ways to get people interested in your business, like FOMO and sales funnels, because the world has enough bad in it. Why add to it? Let’s make a difference with positivity and making people feel good. All this starts with your brand.

If you don’t think anyone cares about your vision... eye care.

That was a joke. I'm a any-caf addict. Any type, any kind, I will take it. Back to our mission. Moose Anchors crafts unique wholesome brands that allow you to make an impact with your clients, making them feel not only satisfied but also delighted which will result in you having raving fans. We do all this via building a magnetic wholesome brand and a bold character that makes you the no-brainer choice in your niche.

What is a vision without a mission? An empty promise. Like decaf coffee.

Feeling a little sus about wholesome branding wondering what's in it for you?

I'm so glad you brought this up, thank you for asking!

You might feel discouraged and unseen right now. Your competition is snatching the clients like it’s September and they’re pumpkin spice lattes. Your target audience has a hard time making a choice between you and the competition because everyone looks the same, hence, everyone is the same in their eyes. Not once I’m done with you. Say hello to being the obvious choice in your niche.

1. You're going to be spooked out by how seen you will feel

It’s jail. Absolute jail. Next time I see you with your new wholesome brand, I’m going to put handcuffs on you and take you to jail. Firstname, you cannot stand out in your niche if you have a timeless brand when everyone else and their mother’s hamsters also have a timeless brand. How about we ditch the timeless everything and infuse your brand with wit, boldness, and you. Make your brand so magnetic that you create northern lights all on your own. So much jail time for you.

2. Brand design that makes you look illegaly good

What do I love? Websites, what do you love? Converting websites. Your website is about to be a road roller and roll over all your competition. There is nothing better than a converting website that converts people. But how do we get you there? We make your brand relatable af, bold, and wholesome. We make your website even more relatable af. We let that marinade and boom, such a simple thing and yet so life changing. 

3. no more hot girl summers, it's time for hot girl converting website

Libra sun and rising. Cancer Moon. Enneagram 9. INFP.

my signs

The Office, Parks & Rec, Gilmore Girls.

Taylor Swift, Of Monsters & Men, Odesza.

my jams

favorite shows

Autumn, but also winter. And spring. And summer. 


Being in the nature, reading, hiking.

Season of choice

Brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso.

My go to coffee order

Confused (90% of the time).

current mood

Here is the tea about me. My brows are long distance cousins. They will never be twins.

There is a rumor going around that wholesome brands have more fun. And it's true.

timeless design never gets old.... is what a coward would say!

Ok, listen, if there is one thing I know you’re not, I know you’re not a criminal. But listen, if you skip branding your business, you’re going straight to jail. You can walk yourself there. I will wave at you while you sit in the bus on the way to your cell. But I know you’re my girl and you’re here to get the bold brand of your dreams because you’re tired of wasting your time trying to figure it all out. All those long frustrating late nights spent staring at the computer screen, trying to test if you have any kind of magic powers by shutting your eyes and hoping your dream brand will appear out of nothing. While holding a glass of rose and eating cold pizza. All you want is a killer brand strategy and design. I have been there. And it’s painful to waste time trying to do something you cannot figure out on your own. This is why I am here, to give you your dream wholesome brand. Or to give you a recommendation of an organic bug spray that doesn’t work. 

"You're going to get so much more out of this experience than just a beautiful, cohesive brand. The clarity and brand strategy that you develop along the way is PRICELESS! This is the exact thing you need to take your business to the next level."


"Jasmine helped me to integrate my values into my brand in a way that helps my ideal client understand what me and my business is all about!"

"I'm in that phase right now where it feels illegal to not block blue light after 7pm and not to go to bed before 10pm."

Listen, if you want to keep trying to decide "if we're the right fit" here's even more resources. I need you to bring this attitude to your brand, though.

Once they took my wit away from me and I said I don’t know how anyone could be this mean

What is your gut saying? Yes? Probably yes. I know what mine is saying, "where is the water you keep promising us?"

If you desire to make an impact with your brand, want to stand out from your niche via bold branding, and have a wholesome brand that not only makes you feel good but also your clients, then you know what you got a do. There is a button right under this paragraph. Your dream brand could be just one click away. 

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