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If you're like me, you like "product empties" videos and this is kinda like my product empties with some free branding suggestions and tools that yours truly, loves. I am here to take you on a wild ride to my favorite things. Buckle up. 


Free Branding Guides

DIY Branding Guide

Too mindful about your money to be spending it to brand your business? I get it. I've been in your shoes when it comes to investing money. I still want to help you though, which is why I made this DIY branding guide. You can now craft your brand for less than $100 if you follow these steps. Ya, pretty amazing.

How to incorporate surprise and delight into your business

This right here is my baby. My everything. I love nothing more than to teach people how to use the unexpected when it comes to their business. And this is a JUICY freebie. I put way too much free info here. So get it. Time for you to ditch the FOMO sales tactics. Your future clients will thank me. Or you. Both.

Business Book Recs

On my personal book shelf

Business Tools That Help You With Your Flow


Email marketing that actually let's you brand your emails. I mean, hello? Where do I sign up?

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This gorgeous website was built with Showit. It's our favorite and they let you design your website exactly how you want it to be. 

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This is my everything. I have my business to do, goals, etc. on here but most importantly, I have my grocery list here. I'd be lost without Notion.

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I'm ALL ABOUT delight and surprising your customers. And this site is the perfect way to do so. Build custom gift boxes for your clients.

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P.S. couple of these links are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission and you get a discount. BUT all of these I support and use daily myself.



This is the payment processor we use and love here at Moose Anchors. Super simple to use and trustworthy. 

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Want to help the earth and learn more? 

Books about sustainability

Global warming

Global warming is... well, exactly what it sounds like. The Earth is heating up and due to it and causing lots of major changes. 

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Deforestation is literally killing the earth and ecosystems. Trees are the best way to fight co2, since they take up to 48 pounds of it per year.

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Due to the changing weather and atmosphere, animals need to pack up their bags and find new homes and food sources.

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How to be more sustainable

Want to donate?


Kiss the Ground is focused on making the soil healthy again and reversing the global warming. Better soil,  better earth.

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One Tree Planted is who we use to donate money to when we get new clients. For every new projects we donate 100 trees.

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Seaconspiracy is dedicated to saving the oceans. No more unethical fish farming that is destroying the ocean bottoms.

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We're desertificating the Earth by farming the  modern way. We're turning healthy soil into desert, sand. It is a big crisis we're facing.

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The sea

Less ice, more water. With rising levels of oceans, we're going to lose a lot of ground and many people are going to need to move. 

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Soils are deprived from nutrients and so are our food. Which led companies to use chemicals and they end up in our bodies.

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We're extremely lucky to be able to call this earth home. Don't we all just love taking a hike, hearing the birds in the background while going up the stream where the water is hitting the rocks? Yeah, well, the plan is to keep the nature like this but the way we're living right now, it's not going to happen. Massive deforestation, gigantic animal farms, depriving the soil of all the nutrients,  unethical fishing habits (such as scraping the bottom of the ocean), we're quite literally destroying the earth and everything we know. Here are some individual links to easy to read articles about different subjects. Go educate yourself!

Look, I know chaning your life is terrifying, but doing even one thing helps. The more you can do, the better, but everything counts. Change one thing today and maybe more in the future.

Plastic never goes away. That pink toothbrush you had when you were a kid? It's still out there. And will still be here 100 years from now. Plastic makes up for 40% of world's oceans surfaces. Next time you go to the store, grab your cloth bag with you!

Go plastic free

Either stop eating meat or use less of it. Acrigulture is the main reason why defeorestation is an issue. Around a sixth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by farming. 

Eat less meat

Change your light bulbs to LED

LEDs typically use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescents and can last at least 35 times longer. You save money and help the environment all at once!

Go drifting! How fun! Eliminate fast fashion and enjoy some good stables. Go drifting, sell your old clothes or donate them. Only buy ethical sustainable brands that actually care about the environment.

Shop second-hand


1% for the planet is about giving back to the planet. They focus on multiple different issues such as food, land, climate, water, etc.

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Favorite business people and email newsletters

Marketing Brew

Daily marketing tips and tricks. Keeps me up on the news and I love how easy to digest their emails are. Recommended!

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Tuesday Table of Contents

Sara has one of the funniest and best emails I've ever read. She is a killer copywriter and I would most certainly check her out.

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Wednesday Cold Brew

Of course I have to put my email newsletter here because it's 1. valueable and 2. funny af. I love to troll and send memes. 

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Looking to collab with someone? I can help you!

Sometimes you just need help to connect with someone who can help you do x, y, and z. Which is why this lil' portion is here. I know PLENTY of talented people and would love to help you find who it is that you're looking for. Here are some industries that I got some minions in. 

  • Branding
  • VA
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing 

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