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Make Your Clients go "I can't even" With This Free Guide 😉

Master Surprise & Delight (without being cheesy)

We all want a brand that makes people freak out (the good kind). But those cheesy, overdone tactics? Major eye roll. This guide is all about making your clients feel like VIPs with unexpected, totally awesome surprises. Think less generic swag, more "how did they know I loved that?!" moments. Get ready to build a brand that's unforgettable and seriously buzzworthy.

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On my business book shelf

On my personal book shelf

Get Your Business Flowing Smoothly with These Awesome Tools


Email marketing that actually let's you brand your emails. I mean, hello? Where do I sign up? HERE.


This gorgeous website was built with Showit. It's our favorite and they let you design your website exactly how you want it to be. 


This is my everything. I have my business to do, goals, etc. on here but most importantly, I have my grocery list here. I'd be lost without Notion.


I'm ALL ABOUT delight and surprising your customers. And this site is the perfect way to do so. Build custom gift boxes for your clients.

P.S. couple of these links are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission and you get a discount. BUT all of these I support and use daily myself.


This is the payment processor we use and love here at Moose Anchors. Super simple to use and trustworthy. 

Favorite business people and email newsletters

Marketing Brew

Daily marketing tips and tricks. Keeps me up on the news and I love how easy to digest their emails are. Recommended!

Tuesday Table of Contents

Sara has one of the funniest and best emails I've ever read. She is a killer copywriter and I would most certainly check her out.

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Of course I have to put my email newsletter here because it's 1. valueable and 2. funny af. I love to troll and send memes. 

Let's hook you up with the dream team

Finding your perfect biz bestie can be a major pain. Well, I've got the inside scoop on all sorts of talented peeps, ready to take your hustle to the next level. Whether you need brand design, copywriting or something totally off-the-wall, I'm your girl.

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Ever feel like every brand strategist sounds the same? Spouting the same empty promises about "visibility" and "authenticity"? Yawn. If you're sick of being just another face in the crowd, ready for a brand that makes you stand out, leads to massive brand growth, and attracts your dream clients like a magnet, stick around. This ain't your mama's branding rodeo.


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meet the iced coffee fueled cringy millennial who wonders why is she anxious

Ready to ditch that "hoping someone will notice me" energy? Imagine a brand with major clout and a waitlist of dream clients hitting you up, ready to invest. That's the power of an iced coffee-fueled strategy and a reputation that speaks for itself.