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It’s always difficult to find a branding expert you trust. There are so many things to consider and the internet is literally full of great choices. And I ain’t mad about it. Competition is healthy. But if you’re on the fence about working with me, here is you a little “top 10” reasons why you should work with me. Let’s goooooo!


1. I’m just a pleasure to be around. 

I like to be real. Which often means I’m sarcastic, witty and have a good time. I’m funny. That is what I am saying. I also like to surprise my clients a lot because it just makes my heart happy. I often show up in a messy bun and pyjamas because, hello? That is why I started a business anyways, do I don’t have to wear anything else but pyjamas. I also really don’t like to do my hair and I have been blessed with this thick lucious bird’s nest, so I often just opt-out to have it on a bun. Not only will I do killer job branding, but you will also enjoy having me around. And honestly, I would love it if you can send me your favorite meme because I love memes. Send it here.

2. I go beyond branding.

While brand visuals are fun!!111!! My true passion is helping you to craft a brand identity that speaks. I love nothing more than to create a brand that has an identity like Oatly, The Dollar Shave Club or Dr. Squatch. Why? Because those are the brands that are value-driven and also ballsy. They’re not here to please everyone. They’re here to do things their own way and pave the way.

Not only do I do brand visuals and brand strategy, I also help you with a tiny wee-bit of marketing. Why? Because I have a background in it and I’m currently going to school for marketing in social media. So, I like to take advantage of that with you.

3. We’re in it together.

A lot of brand designers (not hating here, just observing, love my peers) keep in touch with clients via email. I think emails are over rated and I would rather you have an access to me another way. Also because I really just don’t like to check my email. I cannot be the only one. Which is why I chose Slack. I will make us a private Slack channel and you can message and get in touch with me via Slack, anytime, anywhere, anytime. ANYTIME. 

4. …. I also don’t have “limited revisions.”

Which brings me to my next point, I don’t do these limited revisions. Why? Because you’re spending thousands of dollars to get branding, why should I deprive you the choice to be happy with what you get? And start charging you even more for some revisions. It just doesn’t sound ethical to me. What I do is I create the stuff, and as I create it, I send it to your for feedback. And once we’re on the same page and obsessed over the work, then we move on to the next step. Because to me, that is the ethical way to do things.

5. I don’t do timeless branding.

I used to, but I took the concept and ditched it along side somewhere in route 66. Here is the thing, when you look at Instagram or Pinterest, all you can see is timeless design. And what happens when everyone and their mothers and grandma’s are doing timeless desing? You get lost in the crowd. Also, if you want to stand out, timeless ain’t the way to go. You need bold design with a bold attitude and lots of colors. So, ya.

6. I do what is best for the brand.

Often when working with a brand, you might have an idea who you are and who you serve, but I do my own research as well. And I will use this research to build your brand with. If you’re too emotionally tied up with everything you got, we might not be the best fit. Simply put. I have my own way of finding out what your audience loves and dispites. And I will use this information to build the whole brand around. I will say, I’ve never had a client who has not been happy with what has been found.

7. And since we’re ethical, we’re both humans.

I prefer to work with brands that understand that we’re both humans. You’re a human, I am a human. Sometimes shit doesn’t go as planned and that is okay. Sometimes we go over a deadline by a day, and that is okay. Even though it might seem that Moose Anchros is some high level, massive corporate marketing agency. It’s not. It’s just me. Me, myself and I.

I also understand that you’re most likely running the show by yourself. Which means, we treat each other knowing that we have emotions and personal lives and sometimes shit just hits the fan. Regardless, we always try to do our best.

8. Your business is my business, your brading is my branding.

When I work for you, your business will be treated like it’s my business. Mainly because I care for your success and I want to be fully immersed in your world, which is why I do an immense amount of research to get in the heads of your target audience. I also won’t stop until we’re both satisfied with the brand and feel like it’s an accurate reflection of who you are and it’s going to get you where you want to be. It’s also why I only work with one client at a time mainly. Sometimes there might be an overlap but I keep all my projects VERY separated from each other. This way I can guarantee you’re getting all the attention your brand needs.

9. I’m always looking for new ways to “wow” people.

It’s my job after all. I keep up with the industry trends and find more ways to implement all the new stuff that I find to your brand. Only the ethical stuff though, because I ain’t about any kind of fear based marketing or anything else that I consider unethical. More about that in the next step. But, I like to keep up with new industry trends and implement them in people’s brands.

I’m constantly reading a book about how to improve your business or your brand and I often keep updating my services and what I teach you because of it. But by far, the best thing I know is to use the unexpected with people.

10. I will never use unethical or non sustainable ways with your branding.

Amen. I will never use FOMO marketing. Or any other unethical way to get people to buy from you. My branding is ethical and sustainable. If you’re about “doing anything to get a sale” then we’re probably not a good match and you should exit out of my site because we ain’t it. I will only use and teach ways that make people feel good. For instance, FOMO makes people feel anxiety and causes depression because people are missinig out. This is unethical. You should never make your audience feel this way.

Intead, I teach you the power of surprise and humor. Which both release dopamine and serotonin in your brain, which make you happy. Who wouldn’t want their audience to feel happy!? I mean, I would rather make my peeps happy than depressed.


As you can see, all these reasons are very valid. You should know that if you sign up with me, you’re going to be taken care of. I got your back. But if you wanted to know what kind of people I want to work with, then buckle up because I’m about to spell the tea. This tea is Pukka’s sleepy tea because it happens to be my favorite.

The kind of person I want to work with is someone who is sarcastic, funny and is not afraid to use this in their branding. The more personalized your brand is, the better. You are here to make an impact, and have a deep love towards the environment and years to help others. You’re done with all the scripts and other bs that is floating around the wild web. You just want to do your own thing and enjoy running a business. You are super passionate about what you do.

One of your favorite things is to read a book and do yoga. You love to have self-care days where you do crazy face masks and just sits down and watches old comedy shows like Seinfied, Golden Girls, How I Met Your Mother, etc. Potato chips just speak to your soul. Loves to spend time outside to connect with the nature. Hiking is something that sets you free.

You appreciate hiring people to help with your business, such as a brand designer, copywriter, etc. You see the value these people bring to your business and you understand how important it is to have a cohensive look, brand identity, brand visuals, and strategy that all works together. You’re really good at making decisions and listen to your gut. You just need help to understand the whole picture in order to become the no-brainer choice for your audience.

And tbh, if you vibe with me, I would love to be the next Thelma and Louise. Just two badasses working together. 

Think of me as your brand therapist, minus the couch and awkward silences. I help you get crystal clear on your message, attract your dream clients, and build a brand that feels like a perfect fit (and makes your competition sweat a little). 

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