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You might want to put down your coffee for this one because this will blog post will produce enough energy for you to keep going today. If you desire a brand/business that bangs (or “slaps” as young kids say these days), you need delight.


5 reasons why you should use delight instead of anything else
3 reasons why delight is powerful for your business (and examples)
9 different ways to design delight
My free downloadable guide to help you incorporate delight into your business


Do you remember the last time you were delighted? What happened?

I remember a time I got delighted. It was when I bought groceries and afterwards they send me a coupon for free Ben & Jerry’s. Yes, I am that girl that can devour a whole pint of BJ’s while binge watching Virgin River on Netflix, sobbing at how hard Mel has had it.

But the coupon felt like a treat after spending $100 at the grocery store. Yes, my bill is large because I am extremely picky about what I put in my body. Organic everything, thank you. Avoiding plastic and all the hidden sugars.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that because of that coupon, I kept shopping at this store. And they kept sending me free coupons to different things. Mostly Ben & Jerry’s. Which is probably where these extra pounds came from that I, oh so very often, wonder about.

I kept telling myself I would stop shopping at this store. I drove to other stores, but I always came back to this particular one.

I was obsessed about this business without even knowing it. 

I bet you have a similar story with another store. If not, keep reading anyway because the rest of us are addicted to delight. And if you have a business, delight is the way to get us obsessed about your products.

I get it – there are people out there telling you the opposite.

“Using FOMO is a quarantee way to get people buying!”
“The only way to get noticed is to follow Instagram’s algorithm!”
“TikTok is the new trick to grow brand awareness!”

You’re probably heard about all of these. And chased them like they were a butterfly but every time you get closer, they get spooked and fly even higher. Well, F that noise. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any of these.

And the algorithms. Ah, the endless chase. Why even bother? The algorithm hates us more than Cards Against Humanity does. Algorithm is there to make you feel FOMO. And to annoy you. Why would you want to be besties with this beast!?

You might be confused right about now because I’m telling you to ditch all these habits. And everywhere you go you hear how much you need sales funnels. Which btw, you also don’t need. 


Delight is the most powerful tool you have right now to build a brand that makes people obsessed with you

That is even if:

  • You don’t have a large following (I clean my follow list regularly and usually get rid of a lot of people when I do)
  • You’re too lazy
  • You don’t have a lot of regular customers
  • You have no experience making people feel good

It’s okay, I’m lazy too. But that’s the beautiful part about delighting people, you need no experience and there are many different ways you can delight your audience, which we will talk more about shortly.


5 reasons why you should use delight instead of anything else

(number 2 is my personal FAVE)


1 – Delight makes people happy, whereas other commonly used ways like FOMO, make people anxious and depressed

Here’s the deal. When people are surprised (good way, also known as delighted), their brain releases serotonin. Which makes you feel good. Your body releases serotonin only a handful of ways. During bow-chicka-wow-wow times, labor, humor and surprises.

And, I bet you’re not here (I hope you’re not) to have bow-chicka-wow-wow time with your clients. Who wouldn’t want people to feel good, huh!?

Where as FOMO marketing has been proven to make people anxious and depressed.


2 – People talk when they’re delighted. More than that granny that lives in your building and loves to gossip.

I talk more about this on my little freebie “How to win clients over with delight” (which you can download if you scroll down), but people tend to talk and tell people when they’ve been delighted.

You went to buy a coffee and they gave you a donut for free? BAM! You’re delighted. And you tell everyone and their mothers what just happened. Maybe even make a post about it and people will go wild.

Check the freebie out to know more! There is a thing called expectation bar and it all ties into this.


3 – You build an actual relationship with people

If you happen to use delight, something magical happens… you build a relationship with people. An authentic one, and LAWD knows I don’t like to say this word much because it seems like a filler word these days. Authentic, honest, UGHHHHHHHHHH. No sh!t. Everyone wants to be authentic and honest.

Any who, you build an actual relationship with people which leads to them trusting you. Which is hard for people these days. We have news and all we see is this business doing that and that person doing this. So much negativity has made it so it’s hard for people to trust.

And when you increase trust, you increase their trust. Simply because you went over the expectation bar (again, you should really download that freebie I got).


4 – It doesn’t take much to delight people

It’s so stupid simple that a donkey with three legs and one eye could do it.

Often when I mention “delight” to people, they freak out. More than those people who heard Sex and the City is making a comeback. “What is delight? How do I do it? Why should I do it?”

While I will share more tips about how to delight people here soon, I will say this, it’s easy. Literally the words you say can delight people. It doesn’t need to be a package or personalized gift.


5 – It stops people in their tracks

Often when people are surprised, it stops them in their tracks. “Wait, what did just happen?”

We’re like zombies, you and I. We’re working and the next moment we’re trying to avoid a task and find ourselves scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest wondering how did we end up there. What’s worse, we’re endlessly scrolling. Not even noticing anything that anyone posts.

Why? Because it’s a habit. We take the phone out, we scroll. And keep scrolling. Hoping that something will stop us and catch our attention. Which never happens.

BUT it could happen if you delighted people. If you delight them and show them something unexpected, it will stop their zombie scroll. They will get curious. And curiosity leaves them wanting more, so they go see what you’re all about. Might even visit your website.


3 reasons why delight is powerful for your business (and examples)


1 – Delight makes your business seem like it cares about people (which btw, you should care)

Like mentioned previously, this modern world we live in, there is a lot of negativity out there. Businesses are held accountable for what they say and do. Which would be unheard of in 1924. But since we’re come a long way since 1924, you should make sure you actually care about your people.

This is a cookie for another mouth, but if you’re only driver, why, and your purpose is to make money. You better return your library card because that ain’t it, Becky. You need to have juice that drives your business forward. Like Simon Sinek said.

But when we come across a business that cares about us, like Zappos, we feel like we belong and that we’re heard. Which is SO uncommon. Look at this Zappos example.

Zappos is a customer service business that just happens to sell shoes, like they say. They’re VERY known for their customer service and I doubt there is a company that can beat them. They’re constantly delighting people. Ordered new shoes and realized they don’t fit? That’s fine. Donate them and we’ll send you new ones. And a gift card for all your troubles.

It’s clear and obvious that Zappos is here for the people. Not for the shoes. They want people to be the star of the show.


2 – When you delight people they talk about you and become obsessed

Obsession happens when people trust your brand. You have satisfied their need and you have delighted them. Which then leads to people wanting more of you. And soon, they’re obsessed like you’re the new espresso martini.

And when they’re obsessed, you become part of their identity. Which means they will keep coming back to get more of you. Which is why you want people to become obsessed. 

One company that has done this right is Dr. Squatch. The soap company for men. Oh, the irony. I would buy all their soap if it didn’t mean I smell like a man. Though.. is that a bad thing?

Dr. Squatch is super relatable for the average joe because they have cut out all the bs. That is what their target audience is all about, Millennial men who want to have a soap that is not full of toxins but also gets the job done.

They have managed to make their ads addicting and very engaging. Which leads to getting people curious about who they are and what they do. Which then leads people to test their products, out of curiosity. Aaaaaaand shortly after, leads them to be obsessed because Dr. Squatch goes above and beyond. Here is an example of their ads.

While their ads might be too much for some people, it’s perfect because these people are self-eliminating themselves and those people who are left are brand ambassadors who are, again, obsessed.


3 – Delight makes you stand out because no one else is doing it

It seems pretty insane, like a talking moose, that businesses are not harvesting this power more regularly. They often opt out for FOMO marketing (BOOOOO) rather than actually taking the time to build a good, solid relationship with their audience. It’s like your first love, they wanted to spend time with you and have fun, but they never wanted to get married. Yikes.

Which is why a business like The Dollar Shave Club came and beat Gillette. They kicked their tiny little flat razor asses. And that is why businesses like The Dollar Shave Club, Dr. Squatch, Purple Mattress, etc. have such a loyal army of fans. They came in, swooped the whole industry upside down, and they don’t care what anyone thinks about that.

Ah, true authenticity (still hate the word).

So, let’s look at The Dollar Shave Club and what they’re doing to stand to out. They’re truly unique.

Do you think that Gillette would do ads like this? Never. They got a reputation to live up to. Which is exactly why The Dollar Shave Club swooped in and took the markets over. Especially the younger audience that are just getting into shaving and don’t want to pay all the money for the razors. All while Gillette is trying to do the same thing they’ve always done and wondering what happed? The Dollar Shave club is simply much more unique and MUCH more relatable than Gillette.


9 different ways to design delight

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for! Maybe you even skipped the whole post and came down here. And guess what? I ain’t mad.

Designing delight is not that hard. I know it seems scary, like sleeping with one leg over the ledge of the bed. Terrifying.

But since you asked, I’m here to help you to find the best way to design delight. These are some of the most simple ways to do design delight, so yeah. There is that it’s easier than buttering up a piece of toast.

1 – Send them a handwritten thank you card (or Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.).

2 – When you see something that reminds you of them, let them know.

3 – Give people something extra (extra call, extra day, extra pumpkin spice latte, extra whatever). 

4 – Celebrate their wins big time (when they win, celebrate! Send them a bottle of champagne, set up a call and toast!)

5 – Anticipte their needs (know what they need before they do and help them, this saves them time). 

6 – Use humor to humanize your brand (when you use humor, it actually makes you more likeable and relatable). 

7 – Give them value for free (listen, I know… “you shouldn’t give away all your stuff for free,” but the more you give, the better people trust you. Especially if you help them to fix an issue, they will be back).

8 – Give them priority (if you’re a coach and your client is having a bad day and if you’re available, you could offer them a quick 15-20 minute call to set them straight, they will feel like they actually matter to you more than just a sale).

9 – Show love to your loyal clients (when someone signs up or buys something from you again, they’re loyal to you. Which means you should treat them that way. Old customers are gold mines. Do not take them for granted. They’re easy to delight because they’re expectations have already been set through previous times you’ve worked together. You can offer, perks, discounts, or long-time benefits). 

Delight is that simple. You don’t have to go out of your way to spend money to delight people. Just words can do. Anything, literally. Just pick on thing and do it with your clients. Give it a try and try to find the best thing you can do. Everyone is different, so is every business. Which means you just need to test out and see what seems to work the best for your potatoes.

Get the soil right and the potato will flourish.



Instead of using FOMO or other unethical marketing hacks, you should be using delight. Delight makes people feel good and excited, where as FOMO makes people feel like their in a sinking ship. In order to make people obsessed about your brand, you truly need delight. It’s the asset most businesses skip and quite frankly, to me it’s one of the most important ones to utilize.

If you want to be the star of your niche, you should give this a try. So has Dr. Squatch, The Dollar Shave Club, Zappos, and Purple Mattress done. And see where they are now? People are literally obsessed with them and will keep on going back to doing business with them because they just can’t stand the idea of Gillette anymore.

So, don’t be like Gillette. Be the one who stands out.


My free downloadable guide to help you incorporate delight into your business

Like said, I would provide you with my free guide to help you incorporate delight into your business.

This guide will explain why delight is important, what is the expectation bar and how to utilize it to make people obsessed about your brand.

Here you go! Sign up and you will receive the guide straight in yo inbox! It literally can’t get any easier than that.




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