Brand Strategy

Heather Allison came to me looking for clarity about her business. She does such deep work that she often has a hard time distilling what she does into a clear vision and language. She felt frustrated and like she was holding herself back, like she wasn't able to speak about her work in a clear and powerful way. 

Heather allison

After working together, she gained the clarity she needed in order to zero out on who she really is as a brand and what she stands for. She found the process eye opening, she learned things she never had seen anywhere, even working in the branding industry herself. She now feels excited about her brand again, she has confidence and clarity.

"Jasmine is SO wonderful — you'll feel like you have an instant friend. She listens deeply, you'll feel supported through the entire process, you'll feel like she (genuinely) loves you and your brand immediately, and she has an incredible sense for what your brand wants to evolve into."

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We'll whip your brand into shape with our bold, witty, and hilarious brand strategy, so you can spread the wholesome vibes and make your people feel good!

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A business without a brand is like a latte without espresso. Boring.