Supercharge Your Brand With a Brand Voice (Examples)

You might have a business, you might even have a brand, but do you have a solid brand voice? If not, read this for some inspiration!

It’s time to supercharge your brand voice!

You might have a great business, you might even have a great brand, but is your brand there to deliver all this awesome sauce to your dream clients? Every brand out there has a brand voice, maybe even without them knowing. You have one already as well. You might not like the one you have, but you got it. If you didn’t, your business would be silent. Aka, no posring, no podcasts, no nothing.

Which is why I’m here to teach you a little more about brand voice. But first you must understand that brand voice, tone and personality are completely different. Today we’ll focus on brand voice but in reality, it’s a package deal.

So, let’s dive deep into brand voice.

Brand voice is the way that you talk to your dreamy clients.

It is defined by the way that your business communicates. It’s tied to your brand personality. Sometimes it’s easier to think of these things as yourself. So, you have a personality. You also have a voice. And a tone. So, let’s say you’re funny and sarcastic. Well, your voice is the boat for your personality to get across the atlantic ocean. In this case, since you’re funny and sarcastic, you use such language. Which is your brand voice. And the tone you deliver all this is…. your tone! What a plot twist? Simple? I know. Let’s move on.

I’m going to give you some examples of a brand voice.


1. Brand Voice for a Skincare Business

Their brand personality is authentic, helpful and funny.

  • When being authentic you want to own your sh*t. Be open about struggles and wins. You put your customers interest before yours. Show the good and the bad.
    • Be direct.
    • Offer alternative solutions, this is not a “you” show. This is “them” show.
  • Being helpful is really easy. Be HELPFUL. Be sure to be quick to reply people and their inquiries. If they need help, give it. Provide industry news and be on top of things.
    • Link to news articles and other relevant info that people might find interesting
    • Give step-by-step advice to people.
    • Make sure people know the possible roadblocks they are facing.
  • Funny? Crack a joke every now and then. Have fun. Don’t be too serious.
    • Crack a damn joke!
    • Throw puns in the air.
    • Reference back to popculture. Did some celebrity do somethign crazy?
    • Do viral things, such as be part of a viral reel.


2. Voice for a Money Coach

Their personality is confident, simple and passionate.

  • Confidence is shown by coming out and being unapologetic. Show up like you’re the sh*t. Like you own the place and there is no one who can stop you.
    • Be very certain about your actions and words.
    • Be self-assure.
    • Use strong verbs declarative sentences.
    • Be proud of your services and products.
  • No non-sence. Be direct and don’t try to make things pretty.
    • Keep sentences short.
    • No complex sentences.
  • Be passionate about what you do and show it. You want to change the world, right? Well, show it.
    • Use strong verbs.
    • Be the champion of your industry.
    • Be the cheerleader who makes everyone excited about your cause.


3. Brand Voice for a Coffee Shop

Their personality is quirky, irreverent and reliable.

  • Beig quarky is all about not being afraid to challenge the industry or status quo.
    • Use unexpected examples.
    • Express yourself and stand behind what you say.
    • Have strong beliefs.
  • Take your business seriously, but don’t take your products seriously.
    • Be very playful.
    • Use bold colors and fonts to get attention.
    • Don’t use popculture necessarily. This is more deep than that. Almost hipster-y.
  • You can count on them to have the same products and experience when you visit them. They are going to give it to you straight, like it or not.
    • Don’t oversell your products.
    • Keep it consistent, from the experience to the website.
    • Make sure that you’re always honest with people.


As you can see, you really need to start off with your brand personality and build up from there. Otherwise you’re in it hor a hot mess and your brand is going to be the sticky half eaten caramel that is confused about what the heck it is. I so very often tell people that the beginning of your brand starts from the inside and not from a logo, but so many people seem to pass on this belief and go straight for the logo. It’s good to have one but if it doesn’t speak your strategy, then it’s just an empty logo.

And hey, if you still struggle with this aspect of your business, you can always work with me and we can craft you a brand together. A lot of times people are scared to bring someone on to look their business so closely but it’s so worth it. You can see your business so clearly but just think what an extra set of eyes can do. You’d go so far.

I am accepting clients for my branding and website design package right now, go fill out the form (or creep me on my wbesite) to see if we’d be a good fit!


Supercharge Your Brand With a Brand Voice (Examples)


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