How to Create a Brand Identity in 3 Easy Steps

Does your business feel shallow? Like there is no depth to it? You’re lacking passion? You might just need to create a booming brand identity for your business.

Creating a brand identity is not something you should take for granted. Unlike that pile of clothes sitting on your chair that are not dirty enough to be in the laundry but not clean enough to be in the closet. I mean, brand identity is WHO YOUR BUSINESS IS. Not a big deal at all. And still so many people seem to struggle with this aspect in their business. Well, I’m going to help a sister out by laying down 3 important steps you should take when you’re creating your brand identity.

First, let’s define what brand identity is because a lot of people mix a lot of these branding elements together. It’s because they are similar. People have a brand voice but then when you ask about their brand tone, they shrug their shoulders in awe. Same goes with brand mission and vision. Brand identity and brand personality. What the hecken bob is the difference? It’s the bob. That’s the difference.

Anyways, back to brand identity. It’s all the things.

You know how you like to dress in nude colors? Oh, and that burning love you have towards your fedora? Also, the way you talk to your friends in a very sarcastic way? You also know how you’re so passionate about shelter dogs and helping them out? And how you love to act around those who you love? That is all your personal identity. Well, this might be a shocker but brand identity is very much so alike.

So, how does one go about creating a brand identity?

Quite simple, yet so hard for a lot of people to understand. If you have a solid brand, you’re going to stand out. It’s guaranteed. A lot of people don’t like to do branding for one reason or another. People skip the “why” they’re in business because they want to focus on making money – which is NOT a why. It’s the end result. If you haven’t figured out why you’re in business, your passion will die. Promise.

Let’s get to the 3 steps on how to create a brand identity.

1. First step to brand identity is to figure out who you are

Goes without saying, this is something you should have done already if you’re in business. Yes, I am shaming you. GET TO IT. You need to figure out your why, how, what. Then mission and vision. Then brand pillars. Does this sound like a lot? It’s because it is. And it’s all essential to your success. It’s all essential to keep your business alive. If you don’t figure this stuff out, your business will shallow. And you know how much you dislike shallow people? So, yeah. Mic drop.

2. Brand voice, tone and personality

Once you have your core pillars, you need to keep building up from there. Who is your business? Figure out what sort of voice you’d like to use. I’m going to build an example in the end, so keep your eyes peeled for that. But you need a voice, tone and a personality. Something completely different that all your peers are doing. Look at all of them and do the opposite. Guaranteed to stand out.

3. Brand visuals

MY JAM. This is where you need to get either your hands dirty or hire a professional to do it for you (*enter a subtle hint*). You need to take all this information and now make it show. The easiest thing is to start with a moodboard and find colors that speak to your target audience and reflect to your beliefs. Then you must create a logo that speaks volumes and stands out. Main logo, secondary logo, submark(s), brand mark, signature, etc. Brand patterns and textures. Typography, stylescape. Business card, GIFs, post tempalates. And of course, a website if needed. Sounds like a lot? Because it is. But again, you don’t want to have a shallow business do you?

This is a little added bonus, but your brand needs to have stories. It’s like the cherry on top that pulls people to you and makes them relate to you. It makes people buy. Lucky for you, I have created this awesome little freebie about brand stories and how you can create them.

The heck you’re waiting for? Click below do download!

How to Create a Brand Identity in 3 Easy Steps


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