How to Increase Brand Awareness While Being Intentional?

If you’ve ever pondered what is brand awareness and how to raise it? Well, I got the tea for you.

How to increase brand awareness? I know some people are thinking what the hecken bob is brand awareness? Well, increasing your brand awareness gets you on the map. Think of it this way. Your brand is Grand Canyon. But no one knows you exist because no one has ever found you. But once you put yourself on the map, people know you’re there and all of a sudden you get tons of visitors because, well… you’re on the map now.

So, what exactly is brand awareness and how do you build it? In this post, I will tell you tips and tricks how to become more intentional with brand awareness!

First, brand awareness is defined as “the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.”

Brand awareness is brand recognition

That’s really all that it is. You’re trying to make your brand visible one way or another. Whether it’s doing ads or being on social media more, learning to use another platform – whatever it is, you’re trying to build your brand recognition. You want people be familiar with your logo, your message, vision and products/services.

And how do you build brand awareness?

01. Develop a strong brand voice

Seems rather simple, innit? Yet a lot of Bob’s and Carol’s seem to miss this point all together. It’s all about having their products or services out there on a whim. But when you take your time to launch products or services and craft a strong personality and voice for your brand, you don’t need to do much selling. When you have a brand voice, it sticks to peoples heads. For instance, think of the Dollar Shave club. Their voice is outstanding and people can tell instantly who they are when they see their ads. Without seeing the product or their logo. Also, I wrote a post about how to craft a brand personality you can go read if you want to learn more about the subject.

02. Make a freebie that is hotter than Little Caesar’s hot and ready pizza.

Secondly, when you create a freebie it naturally draws people into your business. They want to know more. Even better if you can manage to add value into peoples lives with your freebie, they will come back. Most importantly, because when you add value to peoples lives, they always come back.

03. Start a podcast

I mean, hello 2021?! It’s the era of video and podcasts. If you want to increase brand awareness and you have what it takes to create a podcast, by all means! It’s great for brand awareness and podcasts have a long life until they start to die down. And again, it all comes back down to value. The more value you add to peoples lives, the more likely they are to come back. If you struggle to talk about a subject for a long period of times, the best thing you can do is to have guests and interview others for your podcast.

04. Be a guest on a podcasts

Never saw that one coming, did ya!? I know. Shocker. Being a guest on different podcasts is SUPER good for your brand awareness. Besides, remember how I mentioned that podcasts have super long shelf life? Therefore, people will keep on finding you, even long after you’ve done the podcast.

05. Run ads

Finally, this is pretty straight forward. You choose a platform of your liking, do some digging and see what material is banging at the moment and then create a post and make it an ad. Ba-BAM. Watch the magic happen. I would definitely be careful with this method because it’s super easy to come across as “pushy.” Especially with late Millennials and Gen Z. They want to see real and authentic. Whereas ads are often as seen as something that is pushy and not real. So, maybe you can promote your freebie you created. Just be careful with this step if you choose to go with it.

In conclusion, building brand awareness is rather simple. It’s all about putting yourself out there and getting on that map!! 

These are the main tips I would tell my clients to worry about if they wanted to get more brand awareness. It might sound like a HORRIFYING overwhelming task, but it’s really not that hard when it comes down to it. Are you ready to gain more brand awareness?

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How to Increase Brand Awareness While Being Intentional?


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