My Personal Brand Design Process

Ever wonder about the branding process? What’s included and what’s not? Well, hecken bob! I got it all down right here!

The design process is different for every brand designer. Or a regular designer. I mean, no one does their business the same way. Am I right!?

Anywho, what I chose to do with my business is strictly due to me wanting to involve people in the process. I don’t want to be one of those designers who take everything you want and disappears for weeks.

Then they come back with all this stuff. Moodboard, Stylescape, logos, fonts, colors, etc. Nah, bro. I wanted to include you in the process of making these because after all it is your brand we’re making here. Why the hecken bob would I want to leave you out of the process!?

So, let’s get into it. What is the branding process? I’ll be using my branding + website package as the guideline, since it’s the one I use the most.

First of all. It all starts with tons of questions. I made two separate questionnaires that I send to each of my clients in the very beginning. The target audience questionnaire and then brand questionnaire. These help me to really dig deep with you and see where we need to improve and what things are going alright.

You have about a week to fill these up. I also ask you to create a Pinterest board where you pin images such as logos, patterns, moody pictures… anything that speaks to you, I ask you to pin. This way I can really see what sort of vibe you’re wanting to achieve with this new brand.

Once those are filled, we have a little consultation call, go through your questionnaires together, make sure we’re on the same page.

Then I go and create a brand concept and a moodboard off of all the information I have. I will send those to you once they’re done in about a week.

Next move is to create three different logo concepts for you to choose from. After that comes the Stylescape, which is essentially just a moodboard on crack.

Once we have all this stuff set up… this is where the magic starts to happen. I create you the logos. So many different kinds. Tagline, logos, submarks, etc. All of it. Then I send them to you to get approved.

Then comes the patterns and textures. Making sure you have something you can slap on.. well, anything is important.

After this step comes the post templates, launch graphics and also GIFs. Personalized GIFs for your brand. Who wouldn’t want that!?

At this point your brand is done, about 6 weeks later. Then we move on to the website design.

I like to design the home page first, completely done. And once you’re on board with the direction we’re going with it, then I design the remaining pages. This way I know we have a clear design we’re keeping up with and you can count on me to deliver.

When I’m done with it all, I send it over to you to look at for couple of days and to play with. If you’re okay with the design, I will make a little video for you which shows you how to change things and how to update stuff, etc. This way you can be comfortable making changes on your own.

Once it’s all said and done, after about 12 weeks. I will keep supporting you for one week. Well, honestly I will always support you. If you have any issues I’m there to help you out. But anywho, it’s TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! That’s what happens next because, dang!! You made the investment and you chose to up-level your business. That is a boss move!

I do also want to mention that with my clients, I create a Slack channel for us where we can keep in touch throughout the whole process.

Are you ready to be confident in your business?

xo, Jasmine

My Personal Brand Design Process


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