How to Craft a Brand Identity That Attracts People to You?

Crafting a brand identity might seem like a daunting task, but it’s an important one in order for your audience to relate to you. Follow these steps!


Every good brand has something that sets it apart from others, and 100% of the time its the brand identity. It’s relatively simple. When you think about people, we all have our own personality and identity. And there ain’t no one else out there who is exactly like you. Even though looking through memes, sometimes you question that because it seems like every one was trying to do the same things as kids. Like poking holes to your eraser with your pencil. Pretending that toy soldiers belonged inside the nose and constantly trying to shove them in there, wait what?

First of all – let’s talk about brand identity and brand personality. Sound familiar but two completely different things.

Brand identity = Something your customers know you of. This is the why, what, how. Your mission, your vision. Your values. It’s what sets you apart from your enemies.

Brand personality = Everything else. The tone of your voice when you talk, the energy. It’s the part that gives your brand a life. Emotions, feelings, the qualities.

Another Nobel Prize worthy mention is that your brand identity changes throughout the course of your business. While as brand personality stays the same.

I still cannot get over the fact that I put Carol Baskin on my blog post. Smdh.

Today we’ll take a deeper look into how exactly do you craft this brand identity? Now, this is mostly about strategy. So, stay with me here.

  1. Figure out your why, how and what.

First, you need to figure why the hecken bob are you in business in the first place? With the “why” question I want you to dig deep. Just asking it once don’t matter. Ask it 7 times, this way you will get into the core of things. Then figure out how are you going to do this why. How is what sets you apart from competition. Then once you have your why and how, you need to figure out what. What are you going to sell. This is the product or service.

Let’s create a scenario. So, I am a food coach that is trying to get women to live intentionally when it comes to food. No more food guilt. My why? Make women feel free from the scale and the number on it. How? I will help them find a way to eat intentionally where they don’t feel so trapped counting calories. What? 1:1 coaching, group coaching.

2. Mission and vision

Mission defines your purpose, aka your why. Answer the question, “what am I here to do?” And once this is all cupcakes, you turn to your vision. Answer the question “Where do I wish to be once I have achieved my mission?”

Let’s play again. My mission is to make women ditch the scale and live intentionally. My vision is seeing women become confident in being their skin, even while they’re eating pizza and cupcakes.

3. Target audience

Who exactly is your audience? Take out a piece of paper and visualize them. Women or men? Age? Job? Income? Favorite store? Favorite food? What are their hobbies? I like to tell people to take a piece of paper and pretend that you’re them for a day. From the moment they open their eyes in the morning to the time they close them at night. Write down everything they do, the thoughts they have. All. Of. It. This way you gain understanding for them as well.

4. Know your competition

Go to your platform of choosing and look at ya competition. Who are they? What do they do? What are their prices? What do they lack? What are they awesome at doing? Write down points that you think are awesome and what could use some more work. Don’t mimic them. But it’s good to know what you’re up against.

5. Core message

You need to have a core message that sets you apart from competition. When everyone else is preaching about “how to ditch the scale and be confident?” You can preach about “Live intentionally and forget the scale.” It’s all about setting you apart. When someone is shopping for a coach and talk to multiple people – your core message is the one thing that will set you apart.

6. Visuals, design, branding, crafting, creative-ing (YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING)

YOOOOOOOO – branding. Logo designs, patterns, textures, typography, color palette, GIFs…. all this is IMPORTANT. And it helps you to stand the heck out in your niche. It doesn’t matter how awesome your “inside” is if the outside is not attractive. Only with businesses, people are beautiful inside out. But you need graphics to look professional and really thrive. Especially to show people that you’re here and you’re trustworthy.

That was so much information. Jeez. I did not plan on going this deep with it but here we are. That is what brand identity is. And how it differs from brand personality. Simple as that. It can be a lot of work but what isn’t with business? Look, it might be the “unsexy” work, but it needs to be done. If you want to be THE person in your niche. You better have your eggs in the basket.


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