Why does branding matter?

Branding matters because I said so. Feel free to call your mom and tell her the good news. Share this message with turtles. Branding makes a difference.

Why does branding matter? The heck if I know!

I actually do know, I promise. I figured I’d throw you a little bait there. I do a lot of fishing and I just reeled you in. Ba-BAM.

I guess I should write more about branding now. After all this is my first blog post about branding. But I mean… c’mon. Nobody wants to read a boring boring, dry  blog. A little word of caution, though. I am very random, I don’t follow any rules, I often go against the current. I cannot make up my mind (shoutout to all my Libras out there) and I am scatterbrained. All this is how great designers are made. Not sugar, spice and everything nice. 

So, why does branding matter?

First we need to figure out what branding really is. Branding is not just about having pretty graphics. Branding goes way beyond the surface. I like to tell people that their business is a maple tree. Now, while branding is what you see, but it’s also the roots of the maple tree. So, branding is way more than the graphics. It’s the roots of your business as well.

Branding is what brings people to you. It’s what makes your business look and seem attractive to those who you call your ideal clients. It’s like the attitude of Betty White. People love her and they will always love her. Spunky. My hero.

If you don’t have a brand, you’re hardly a business. After all, we’re all doing business because of some reason. My personal why is to help women get confident in their business by creating them an authentic and genuine brand that is unique to their niche.

Ba-BAM. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

There are three main reasons why branding matters.


1. Customers gain trust in your business

Let’s face the facts, ain’t no one going to trust your business if it looks funky. We’ve all gone to a website in the past in order to buy something we needed but once we land on that website and it looks sketchy – we abort the mission.

In order for you to attract your dream clients and get them to B-U-Y you need to have your act together. Have a consistent look and professional website. It helps with recognition too. Once people see your logo and colors, in the future they’re able to put the two together once they start seeing more of that.


2. It makes you so, so, SO CONFIDENT

Let’s play a game. Not like Saw, though. Scary. Whew.

Let’s imagine you’re struggling with your business. Doing graphics and post templates is such a DRAG, what the heck. You spend hours doing this stuff just to scratch it all off in the end. You keep switching your color palette every week because nothing seems to make your heart sign. You’re so EMBARRASED to show off your logo and website to anyone. It looks like it went through a house fire and then a hurricane and also a tsunami.

Now, I’m not saying getting your branding together is some sort of a magic pill that makes all this go away – but it sort of is. Once you get it all done, it makes you inspired and insanely confident in your business. It happened with me. I was so embarrassed about my business before I truly sat down and figured it all out.

As I mentioned before, branding is way more than graphics. And you always need to start from the inside. Work from inside out until everything feels right in your gut and you got something you can stand behind. Your why, how, what, mission, vision… all. of. it.


3. It makes your competition look like they’re just here to play games

How would it make you feel like to be the unique lil’ quirky business in your niche? The one that everyone wants to be? While your competition is here to just play games, you would be the authentic business that is doing it’s own thing and stands out naturally.

The beautiful thing about branding is that once it’s figured out – you really don’t have to worry about it anymore. You get the freedom to focus on other more important things. And I happen to tell you to lead with your values, it makes you even more confident in your business because you’re not trying to be someone that everyone else wants you to be. But that is a topic for another day.


Branding does matter. It matters greatly. And anyone that tells you otherwise is just jealous because they don’t have their branding together. Or they got it done and weren’t happy with it. But again, topic for another day.

Why does branding matter?


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